Everybody has trouble. The righteous have been hated by the evil doers since Cain slew Able.  Most if not all of the Old Testaments prophets were killed as were the disciples of Christ during the establishment of the church. And followers of Christ are still being killed in several parts of the world, and I expect it to happen soon in America.

The wise men said that Christ had come to bring "peace, good will toward men." Luke 2:14  He did, but mankind has rejected what Christ came and died to offer them, and have hindered his work as much as possible.

I say little about the problems and trouble that I have experienced in life; however, it started soon after I professed faith in Christ.  So, I have decided to address a few things.

First, I made a profession of faith when I was sixteen years old, purchased my first bible a year and half later, and was chosen as the Adult Bible class teacher in a Baptist church at the age of 21 or 22.  I had made grat effort to learn as much about God's as I reasonably could, listening to many preachers on radio and going to revivals, etc., and I am still making great effort to learn the Word of God.

One thing that people have never learned is that attacking God's servants is not a wise thing to do.  It didn't work well for Cain, Saul, Belshazzar, and others.  People still believe that they can thumb the eye of God with impunity, notwithstanding that God said, "touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm." 1st Chr. 16:22.  Jesus said that, "It is impossible but that offences will come, but woe unto him, through whom they come." Luke 17:1

I dislike to disagree with Christians that have good intentions but are ill informed.  However, I must be open and do what I am called to do.  I say that to say this.  I see a lot of Old Testament quotes of the wonderful and beautiful promises of God.  Those promises were made to the Israelites and conditioned on their obeying God's commandments.  God intended for Israel to be the greatest nation on earth for all time to come. "And it shall come to pass, if thou shall hearken diligently unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe and do all all of his commandments which I command thee this day, that the Lord thy God will set thee on high above all the nations of the earth."  Deut. 28:1  But if they did not obey and do his commandments, they would "become an astonishment, a proverb, and a byword among the nations." Deut. 28:37.

These and many other scriptures that clearly establish that God's promises are conditional--conditioned on obedience to his commandments.

I have never discussed much of my problems--many of which were of my own making and many were not. Many writers of the bible did relate the sufferings that they experienced and Christ taught that we were to rejoice when we were counted worthy to suffer for his cause and the disciples did and willingly went to their deaths for his cause.

Now if anybody speaks negatively of anybody's wrong doing, they are acussed of "judging."  Christ addressed judging in Matt. 7:1; however, he was speaking to his disciples and demanding that they not judge each other, and there is no reference in the bible of them ever doing that.  There is no scripture in the bible that demands or even remotely suggest that we massagers of the gospel reframe from condemning the sins of the sinners, ungodly and hypocrites. It is no sin to speak out against the godless politics of liberals, abortionists and homosexuals or any other sinful behavior.  Liberals that refuse to comply with God's commands which professing to be "Christians" disgrace and blaspheme God's holy name; abortion supporter support murder of the unborn, and homosexuals can try to cover up their evil behavior by claiming that homosexuality is not mentioned in the bible.  Indeed the word homosexual is NOT in the bible, but it is clearly described as men lying with men and women lying with women, and people without "nature affections" and judged to be an abomination--very serious sin as attested by it being recorded the bible 142 times. Paul taught Timothy to: "Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine." 2nd Timothy 4:2.

Before I write the next segment, which will address a personal issue, I want to address marriage.  Marriage is almost totally misunderstood and abused in the West today.

First, marriage is one of three DIVINE INSTITUTIONS that God created for man.  The other two Divine Institutions were the Priesthood of the Old Testament and the Church of the New Testament. Others teach that there are other divine institutions that God created,  I think not.  There are other things like the family and homes that God ordained but being ordained/approved is different, I believe, than being a divine institution.  Divine institutions are NOT to be touched by man--they are sacred. 

The United States Supreme Court held in Griswell v. Conn., 381 U.S. 429 (1965) that marriage was a "divine institution as old as civilization."  Kentucky's highest court held that marriage was too sacred to be upset by third parties Johnson v. Johnson, 294 Ky. 77.

Considering a brief history marriage, there were no laws regulating it in Western civilization until England and Wales enacted the Marriage Act of 1753.  For more than a thousand years, The Church (Catholic) recognized parties married if they claimed to be.  And dating began only about 400 years ago.

Marriages are still arranged by parents in, at least, some of the Muslim countries with the parties generally marrying cousins.  In Israel, marriage is under the jurisdiction of the parties own religious authorities.  The State of Alabama has almost eliminated the state's involvement in marriage, and Kentucky's Senator Rand Paul has reportedly said that the government needs to get out of the marriage business.  

The first marriage was between Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and there was no government involvement.  God created it; God ordained it, and God established the law governing its dissolution, and specifically forbid third parties from interfering. Matt.:19:3-6, and woe unto them that do. Luke 11:46.

In 2012 I met a wonderful lady and she wanted us to be married within two weeks after we met.  I though not that fast; however, we did become engaged on August 4th at a gospel singing at Renfro Valley, Kentucky.  Three groups were there including the Chuck Wagon Gang.                                                                                                                                                                                    This was one of the happier

                                                                                              days of her life, if not the 

                                                                                              happiest. Different individ-

                                                                                              uals commented about how                                                                                                 happy she was that night.          



Mary had told many people that she knew that we were going to be married, including her banker, insurance agent, doctors, et al.  In the meantime, I did a lot of work for her such as fencing, building, mowing lawns and fields, building rep-air, etc.,  We were married on the 11th day of May 2015.

Mary had one daughter which she had no mother/daughter relationship with and Mary made no secret of that fact.  Her daughter did nothing for her mother and would go for months without calling or checking on her well being.

However, a week after we were married, her daughter filed a petition to be named her guardian and supported her petition with a perjured affidavit and the following day filed an affidavit by a doctor Quinisberry which was contradicted by his own generated medical record which was signed on to by a doctor Hodges. Notwithstanding that the two doctors had attested that Mary's judgment was "normal," doctor Quisenberry signed an affidavit that she was disabled.

When a hearing was held eight days later, Mary called the Woodford County, KY, County Attorney and told him that she did NOT want her daughter over her affairs.  Mary was very rational and articulate during the phone call.  The Country Attorney made no effort to prove that Mary was disabled and the obligation to prove it was exclusively his or another county attorney appointed by the Attorney General.  Not so in this case, the judge allowed the attorney that Mary's daughter had retained, Seth Thomas, to act as a self-appointed County Attorney and put on the false and perjured "evidence" which was no evidence at all.  Seth Thomas had recently done legal work for Mary and knew where all of her "groundhog holes" were where she had hundreds of thousands of dollars. This was a conflict of interest situation for him to be suing his own client for another client.  But bar rules and legal ethics in Kentucky are jokes and window dressing to deceive the public.

The relevant Kentucky statutes mandate that the hearing be held within one week of the filing of the petition.  When a proceeding is to be held within seven days, holidays and weekends are excluded, but when the law states one week it means a week as defined by the United States Supreme Court as being a period of seven days beginning on Sunday and ending on Saturday, thus holidays and weekends are NOT excluded.

None of these law violations mattered to Judge Vanessa M. Dickson that held the hearing.  When I challenged her jurisdiction, she tried to lie out of her misdeed by falsely claiming the petition was filed a day later than it was notwithstanding the fact that the date of the filing was clearly stamped by the court clerk.    

This in NOT an isolated case.  Guardianship abuse is a $3 BILLION per year fraud against the elderly and disabled according to the United States Senate, Special Committee on Aging, Scores of cases of abuse is documented by the National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse, The Senate Committee provides a toll free phone number to report abuse, but all they do is refer to the State agency, in Kentucky CHFS, which is at the root of the abuse.

For the elderly to protect their assets from predator guardians is not an easy task. One documented case was of a rather young lady in Tennessee that fell and suffered a minor injury.  When in the hospital for a few days, a predator guardian gained control of her assets and when she was released, she had nothing.  She sued and won a judgment, but the last I heard, she had not recovered a penny. At least Tennessee enacted the Campbell-Falk Act, 

Congress passed and President Trump signed the Elder Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act of 2017, Public Law 115-70, Title 34, United States Code, Section 10101, which mandates a specially trained Asst. United States Attorney be in every U.S. Attorney's office in the country.  I am not aware of a single case having been prosecuted in Kentucky. Laws are worthless if ignored or not enforced.

When Mark J. Kohler wrote his book, Lawyers are Liars, he didn't have a means for the elderly to protect their assets from predator guardians.  It is not easy because guardians are modern day slave masters and basically "OWN" their wards and when all is said and done, the lawyers and guardians have stolen everything that the elderly have worked a lifetime accruing. 

The last time I was in court, the state appointed guardian, Patricia Wiley,  said that Mary was running short of money. I don't know if she knew where all of the money was at or if she had gained access to it, but if had and if what she said was true, she had blown through nearly a million dollars in about nine months' time.

At the same time Patricia Wiley were serving as Mary's guardian, she was submitting scores of fraudulent travel claims to the state and was eventually fired by the state, but NOT prosecuted for the many crimes of fraud and perjury.

Members of Congress will set in Washington and say, "nobody is above the law." Apparently, they are completely naïve about the lawlessness and corruption in the Kentucky courts--both state and federal--including the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

It is known FACT that Patricia Wiley paid Seth Thomas $1,500 to file a petition for the annulment of Mary's and my marriage.  Seth Thomas had a legal obligation to advise Wiley that she had no standing or authority to file such a petition under Johnson v. Johnson, 284 Ky. 77.  Seth Thomas took a deposition from Dr. Thomas Coburn of Wilmore, KY, and Judge Jeff Moss relied upon it to grant the petition notwithstanding the FACT that Dr. Coburn had not seen Mary from more than six (6) months and was, therefore, an unqualified witness.  The fact that Dr. Coburn accepted compensation for setting for an illegal deposition is tantamount to bribery. In fact, I believe but cannot prove, that several people were bribed for false and perjured claims.  Cheryl's long time boyfriend and short time husband, Ronnie Craft, would almost certainly know the facts. if I could prove that Cheryl paid for false and bogus testimony, it would be a waste of time because the prosecutors have not and are determined to not take any action; and this is NOT unusual in Kentucky.  The Department of Justice only took action against Eric Conn (Mr. Social Security) for defrauding the Social Security Administration out of $0.5 Billion after congressional hearing and national publicity.  The State only prosecuted Judge Beth Maze after she forged another judge's name on a court order.  The state took action against Judge Dawn Gregory after aggravated attorneys complained of her misconduct because she was assigning lucrative guardianships only to attorneys that contributed to her campaign funds. 

At the time that Mary's estranged daughter, Cheryl Webster, filed her petition for guardianship, she was terminally ill and died of lung cancer approximately 120 days later.  Therefore, she was not qualified to file the petition--ability to serve is a qualification for appointment.

No judge or judges that have had an opportunity to correct the misdeeds committed against Mary and me have do so.  They have ignored controlling case law, violated statutory laws. For example, when I appealed to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Chief Judge Cole were on the panel of judges.  Rather then comply with federal statutory law that requires federal court to follow the opinions of the state's highest court.  It did not.  It followed the state's LOWER court's opinion.  And while Kentucky law does allow guardians to seek the annulment of marriages under certain circumstances within certain time periods, but in this case.  For other reasons, Wiley filed her petition long after any petition could have been filed in even the most liberal cases of marriage of underaged kids.

Woodford County Judge/Executive John Coyle, who had known Mary for 40 years or so testified that there was "no doubt in his mind" that Mary knew exactly what she was doing. Mary banker who had known Mary for many years and been her banker for a long time, testified likewise. Both of these competent witnesses'  testimony were ignored by the courts.

After Wiley was involved in multiple acts of fraud and perjury and fired by the state, Robert Horn was appointed Mary guardian.  Horn has a reputation in the community as being a predator guardian, and is proven liar and perjurer and thief.  He ADMITTED in court under oath that Wiley had paid him monies for goods and services that he had NOT provided for Mary.  He testified in court regarding an alleged phone call between him and me and recited the alleged call for several minutes.  I introduced a copy of the phone record proving the call lasted 44 seconds.  Horn has disposed of many thousands of dollars' worth of property belonging to both Mary and me.

After being treated rudely by the staff of Council Oaks Assisted Living in Nicholasville, it was discovered that Horn was telling the staff there that he was Mary's "son."  Mary never had a "son."  This lie was gaining him illegal privileges, including taking Mary to the bathroom resulting in a fall and bruise on her leg.

                                                                Mary told different people, including her 

                                                                 tenants, that the Horns tried to claim they

                                                                 were related to her, but that they were not.

                                                                 I had been with Mary for three years prior                                                                      to our being legally married and did a lot of

                                                                 work for her building/remodeling buildings,

                                                                 fences, painting rental properties, mowing,

and caring for her in general.  She wanted me to have a home and purchased a

substandard property at 20 Buckner St., Winchester, Kentucky, and deeded to us jointly, in fee simple, for $25,000.  

While Wiley was engaged in her fraud and signing perjured state documents and obtaining thousands of dollars from the state, Horn managed to be appointed Mary's guardian--not being related to her or having an interest in her assets, he was not qualified to serve. On no evidence--only on his attorney, Gary Thompson's argument and claims of what Mary had said--hearsay-- Horn got the house in Winchester and sold for about a third of its value.  I had done some work on it and improved its value. Photo of the house available via Google.

Then later he sold Mary's property at 607 E. Main St., Wilmore, Kentucky, for about $25,00.  According to the sales contract on record in Nicholasville, KY, he claimed to be the "owner" when in fact he had no ownership interest in the property.  He demanded the buyer insure the house for about $90,000. It wasn't long until the house burned.

IMG_0765 (1).JPG
IMG_0779 (1) (1).JPG

The lady, Mary Ellen Reynolds

   The Chuck Wagon Gang 

Marys Leg .jpg

Mary's leg injury  06/17/2015 

101_0069 (2)_edited.jpg
101_0064 (2)_edited.jpg

House, 607 E, Main St., Wilmore, KY burned

Wilmore Fire Department Report

I was never anxious to Marry Mary, and waited until she was fully ready.  She had had a hard young life--reared in a state children's home and worked hard all of her life and managed her businesses well.  But I thought that if we were married or if she left me something and she repeatedly planned on doing, that  might be my ticket to do what I have for years believed was my calling--evangelism.

I considered long and hard before writing my book how to do it.  I wanted to just write about my faith but feel very negative about selling the gospel, so decided to write about my life not having a problem with selling it, so that was my final decision.

But when we were married, the teaching of the Bible demanded that I care for Mary and protect her for all harm.  I tried.  I have used more than 2,000 pages of paper trying to resolve  the illegal deeds done.

Just a couple of personal comments.  I intended to go to law school and majored in journalism and pre-law in college and worked in a law office for several months as  a paralegal and have done legal research for several lawyers.  While I have painted the lawyers and judges in this case with a black brush, NOT all are thrives and crooks.  I know honest lawyers and honest judges, too.  What I have stated is the truth and I have documented evidence to prove it and people that know the facts know that Mary and I have been done very wrong.  I remarked to Judge Dickson in court that the proceedings were abuse of both Mary and me--and it was.

However, having been done by court orders, it can only be solved with a court order.

I had a lawyer to look at the situation, and while problems were found, the lawyer did not think that Judge Moss would admit to an error and an appeal would have to be taken to the Court of Appeals.  I decided to not pursue it further and told the lawyer that I could live with it; die with it, and face God's judgment with it and they would have to, too.

For a real realistic drama of what God's judgment will be similar to, I suggest a viewing of Heaven's Gates and Hell's Flames. The "Man to See," Edward Bennett Williams, a Washington insider and popular lawyer, told his son shortly before his death that he was "about to see real power." We all eventually will do the same.